A Tired Mom's...

...Craft Shop - It All Started With Trauma

In 2018 when my son was born I had a traumatic birth and serious post-partum depression. I struggled with feeling like a human being and was extremely hurt over why this had happened. I felt like a complete mess and a failure. I realized that women aren't taken seriously when it comes to their emotions after birth and there isn't support for them to understand those feelings. I just wanted to be understood and to feel like a person again. I thought returning to work would fix the problem for me. I threw myself back into my job. Instead of it helping, I missed the time I needed to heal and avoided what had happened to me even more than I had been. I needed an outlet. I started my business as an outlet for my feelings. A distraction. I needed to do something while trying to start healing and working through everything that happened to me. I started sewing and making items that helped me to express myself, allowing me to be seen and just maybe understood. I knew if I felt this way there had to be others who would want the same thing. I make accessories that allow people to express their personality and individuality. I love when I can help someone feel like they are seen and can be themselves. 

... Snack Shop

Need a quick snack for yourself or your kids? We make freeze dried candy that is tasty and unique.

What does freeze dried candy taste like? Since the texture of the candy changes during the dry freezing process, the taste also changes. Primarily the sweet of the freeze-dried candies is enhanced. Since the texture is chewy and insanely crunchy, the flavor is intensified.

... Mistakes in Motherhood - I'm A Mom, Just Like You

I have two kids and I struggle, probably daily. If I struggle, so do other moms. Instead of trying to present a perfect appearance I'm embracing my mistakes and sharing them, along with our lives, with you. 

Why Are We Here?

We are here to show what real life is like. It's not always pretty, and it's not always perfect. I hope you find someone you can relate to and maybe enjoy a little chuckle at my expense as you join us on the journey of chaos that is my life.

We also create fun and unique accessories for shoppers to validate and express their individuality.